Flying Colors 25 Year Update

We are thrilled to hear the program A.R.T. created at Matheny is exhibiting at Sotheby’s.

When Dana Chernock of Sotheby’s international auction house in New York, visited the Matheny Medical and Educational Center’s Arts Access Program last year, she was struck by “the thoughtful process through which each piece of artwork is made. The fact that art, as a form of self-expression, has been patiently and carefully broken down into each and every possible choice for the artists was incredibly expressive.”

An additional thrill for us is that artists featured in the book Flying Colors will be the featured artists at this exhibition in Manhattan. Stars of the book, artists we loved and loved working with the first six years of the Arts Axis program include Chet Cheesman, Ellen Kane, James Lane and Cindy Shanks.

It is deeply moving to know they are pushing their art career twenty five years after their dramatic breakout the A.R.T. systems brought them.

If you would like to read the story of their early struggles and triumphs Flying Colors, named by Reader’s Digest as Today's Best Nonfiction is available at

Flying Colors